Xolas Features

    • Same Information Across All Departments
    • No more sharing outdated Excel sheets
    • Massively less Admin
    • Role Based Access Control
    • Utility & Backhaul Fees automatically calculated, including sharing costs
    • Automatic Invoicing
    • e-Mail Alerts for Request to Share, etc.
    • Unlimited Sites and Users
    • Configurable Business Logic
    • Management
    • Projects
    • Finance
    • Property
    • Utility
    • Maintenance
    ..and more!
  • Create, track and email invoices to your sharers automatically.
    • Advance Utility Billing
    • Utility Sharing
    • Rental and Equipment Invoicing
    • Part Payment of Line items
    • Automatically email to client
    • Excel and PDF downloads
  • Generate new business by using the Request to Share feature, collects all the necessary docs, approvals by your team, sends emails to the potential sharer on document uploads and approvals.
    • Each party has their own workflow
    • Visual Notification of upload and download
    • Email alerts on upload by other party
    • Approval Emails
    • Equipment details
  • Manage sharing of utilities, backhaul and billing for each.
  • These are just a few of the other services Xolas has for you:

    • Manage Maintenance Dockets
    • Permits & Licenses from Authorities
    • Actions such as: Edit Site, Dismantle Site, Tenancy Renewal, etc.
    • Insurance Policy Management
    • Works Orders
    • Tower Structure & Supplier Details
    • One Stop Agency Workflow
    • Unlimited Sites
    • Unlimited Telcos, Landlords, etc.
    • Users can have more than one role

Some of our Clients

D'Harmoni Telco Infra Sdn Bhd
Tele-Flow Sdn Bhd
Bungaraya Sdn Bhd
Yiked Bina Sdn Bhd